Friday, August 1, 2014


Last week was rather quite when it came to posts. It's because I was in San Antonio for the Romance Writers' of America National Conference and didn't have a chance to promote. But, I'm back, so lets see what we can do, shall we?

·  Five lines of your current work in progress, new release, soon-to-be-released...whatever.   (Do keep it as close to five sentences as you can.)

·  You are welcome to post buy links too. 

·  PG please. (I don't have a warning on my blog about content, so it has to be appropriate for all viewers. I will delete comments that aren't appropriate or offensive to some audiences. Sorry.)

My five lines are from Bride of Falcon, a Regency novella, part of a eight-book boxed novella set with seven other Regency authors. 

Chaz revered Ivy with his gaze.

She was exquisite.

Bronze highlights shimmered in her hair and her skin, pale as pearls, glowed in the sun’s fading rays. He longed to tell her of her beauty with more than words. To take her in his arms and worship her with his lips and whisper the words of adoration he didn’t dare 

~ ~ ~

Let's see what wonderful snippets you have this week. 

Thursday, July 31, 2014


The natural look with just a hint of
color on the cheeks and lips
Gosh, two weeks in a row I had other things going on, but this Thursday, I'm back on track.

Today, I'm chatting about Regency Era cosmetics. What, you didn't know women painted their faces waaaay back then? Women having been enhancing their features since the Egyptians built the pyramids.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


It's such a thrill to have Mary Gillgannon visiting today! 

She's sharing about her upcoming release, Call Down The Moon.

I love history, so all the books I’ve written until recently have been set in the past, from ancient times up to the Regency era.  But two years ago when I was revising the opening of a story set in ninth century Ireland, I suddenly saw my heroine in contemporary Denver. I was rather shocked. What was she doing in the present day?

In the opening chapters of the book, which was all I’d written, my heroine, Aisling, was living in a cave with a group of wise women, the Nine Sisters. She meets the hero, an Irish prince named Connar, when he seeks out the Sisters’ aid for his gravely wounded foster brother, Fergus. The Nine Sisters heal Fergus, but he is terrified of their powerful magic and comes to believe they have cursed him. When he discovers Connar has fallen in love with Aisling, Fergus is determined to break them up and to destroy the Sisters. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Today's the day! 

Romance Writers' Weekly is celebrating their first six months. Join me and the other writers from Romance Writers Weekly in the big celebration. 
I'm hosting the event from 2:30 to 3:00 EST. 

Join us here for the event


Below is a partial schedule of the authors who are hosting. 

Monday, July 28, 2014


Today I have the lovely Cate Parke visiting and talking about her wonderful historical, Dreams Within Dreams


“Mr. Richard Berkeley and Lady Alexandra Berkeley,” proclaimed the queen’s chamberlain in stentorian tones. Sharp pounding resounded throughout the noisy chamber when he struck his long mace against the marble floor once…twice.
Heads swiveled their way. Painted and many-patched men and their ladies, garbed in gorgeous court clothes and dripping with jewels, thronged St. James Palace on this Thursday evening for the queen’s bi-weekly Drawing Room. Word of the Berkeleys appearance had spread through St. James District like fire through a ramshackle barn stuffed with dry hay bales.
Richard’s and Alexandra’s sponsors, her grandmother and aunt, flanked them. Two duchesses as sponsors—such had never before been the case to everybody’s certain knowledge.
Richard led Alexandra forward through crowds that parted like the Red Sea before Moses when they passed down the center of the mammoth room. Halting before the pregnant queen, Richard swept his grey tricorn from his head, extended a foot and bowed from his waist while his wife sank into a deep curtsy.