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Friday, March 28, 2014


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
I can't tell you how much fun this weekly feature has been. I've read several snippets that tantalized me enough to want to read the book.  

The rules are simple: 
  • Five lines of your current work in progress, new release, soon-to-be-released...whatever. (Do keep it as close to five lines as you can.)
  • You're welcome to post buy links too. 
  • PG please. (I don't have a warning on my blog about content, so it has to be appropriate for all viewers. I will delete comments that aren't appropriate. Sorry.) 

Today's tease is from The Earl's Enticement again. In this scene, Adaira has jumped into a lake to save a puppy.  

Oh, she'd done it up brown this time. She might as well be naked. Never mind the peeresses in London often dampened their gowns to make them cling to their curves. If it weren’t for her stays and chemise, there’d be no need for anyone to image what lay beneath her sodden gown. The count was most probably staring at her bum this very minute. 

Your turn. Have fun, and do be sure to share! 


  1. Oh, dear. What a pickle for Adaira. I bet everyone is staring. Thanks for the promo op, Collette.

    My five sentences come from my new release, Mistress of Merrivale, which is a marriage of convenience story.

    Her light floral scent teased him, and he sent her a grin. “I’m having trouble keeping my hands off you.”

    “Oh.” She paused, the subdued lighting not hiding her expressive face. Her lips curved upward. “Good.”


    1. It's amazing what five sentences reveal!

    2. You have me intrigued Shelley

    3. Thank you! This is such a great idea, Collette. I love reading all the sentences.

  2. Love the last line!

    Okay, here's mine. It's from a sequel wip to my story That Kind of Magic.

    The silver glint of the knife slashed out before she even realized it was in Brian’s hand. The
    blade, as sharp as the man’s smile, slid easily through her flesh. Pain didn’t register, not at first.
    Just surprise. Surprise that choked her ability to even cry out.

  3. FUN! I'm in!

    “I never expected to interact with anyone on a personal lever while I was here, Finn. I thought I’d be in and out of here before anyone I used to know knew and then I could get back to my life and forget about Salem again.”

    “So, what happened?” she asks and I tell her plainly.



    1. Oh, good you included the buy link, Jo. Want those readers to be able to find your book!

    2. Lovely excerpt, Jo and great book.

  4. Fun! Here's my five from my soon-to-be-released Dreams of Perfection, Book #1 in the Dreams Come True Series.

    Darcy couldn’t lay claim to a tragic childhood. In fact, she couldn’t have asked for better. Her Westchester County childhood home held many fond memories for her. Trying to keep up with her older brother and sister, playing catch with her dad, watching the boats glide up and down the river, and just like Sam, playing princess on this very lawn, confident that her knight-in-shining-armor would come charging across the backyard at any moment to whisk her away to his castle.

    Instead, the man she’d thought was her knight had ridden off into the sunset on someone else, er, with someone else, trampling her heart to smithereens in the process.

  5. LOL. A derriere in plain view!! Here's a snippet from my WIP:

    “When I told him I didn’t belong to him,” Andromeda said, “his response was distressingly crude.”
    “Dear me,” chuckled Lord Slough.
    It was an accomplishment to make her fiancĂ© laugh. “Perhaps his lower class tendencies were revealing themselves even then,” she said. Immediately, shame engulfed her. How could she say anything so crass?

  6. I love this snippets, Barbara! I so want to read the book.

  7. Thanks again, Colette! This is so much fun. From 'Sea Panther', a recently released Scottish inspired paranormal romance...

    Her imploring brown eyes slashed his defenses. Robert didn’t want to give in. He should send her away.

    He retreated to the other side of the room and sat on the red leather sofa. With one leg crossed over the other knee, he tried to appear unaffected by her presence.

    :) ~Dawn Marie

    1. Oops! Forgot the link. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00J434WF8

    2. Dawn, I've been seeing 'Sea Panther' all over the place. Love the snippet.

  8. Fun excerpts! Thanks for the opportunity, Collette! Here's mine from My Daring Highlander:

    “He wants me to marry Chief Comyn. He is an old man, Seona,” Talia sobbed.
    Not only that, but the man was notorious for being ruthless and vile. What could she do to help her sister? She well knew fathers in the Highlands chose husbands for their daughters, but hers was determined to find the worst possible husbands for them to ensure their lives would be hell on earth.

  9. I'm going with the opening line from my upcoming Medieval release, The Bride Gift.

    Dangling sixty feet from the ground and hanging on by his fingernails was not what Guy of Helston had in mind when he declared at the tender age of eight summers that come what may, he would one day win a title.

    1. I love Guy! He's such a serious fellow.

  10. The man turned into an animal when the moon was full. He was a country singer who didn’t drink, chase women, or have a dog, although he might be related to a couple. He was the best kisser she’d ever known, and he made her feel cherished. He’d turned everything she’d once believed about herself upside down, inside out then stood them on end. No one, not even her parents, had ever understood her so completely.
    Moonlight Serenade, on sale now  http://tinyurl.com/lpsradw

  11. I wish you had a LIKE button for all these awesome snippets Collette! too fun! you all are so very talented with your teases! XOXO

  12. Fun. My five lines are from The Call. A paranormal romance set in Wales. Due for release 4/23/14.

    She turned to the voice and exhaled a breath, relieved she was not yet lost to the madness of her mind. The stranger appeared concerned and held her steady as he helped her to her feet. When she opened her mouth to thank him, her words blew away with the wind. He led her down the path to his car, gently helping her into the front seat. Still struggling for awareness, she let the stranger drive her away.

  13. My five lines are from my romantic suspense entitled, Redemption For Liars. http://amzn.com/B00GMXP43M

    She turned her attention away from his come-hither eyes, dark wavy hair, and ruggedly handsome face with the perpetual stubble. Instead, her gaze fell to where his arms were crossed over his chest. Even beneath the fabric of his shirt it was easy to see the chiseled muscles of his broad chest and shoulders.

    Oh, dear.

    Heat seeped into her face.

  14. How fun! I'm happy to post among such talent. :)

    From the forthcoming _The Tithe_:

    "A warm wind stirred the hair around her head. The angels. Breath snagging, Josh reached out for the tall man. What striking eyes, she thought before shoving him forward and into the Great Room behind Izel.
    "She saw a glimpse of a scarred left hand as the door to the Great Room slammed close. Before her. With her on the wrong side."

  15. Thanks, Collette. My five lines are from my historical romance, Lost Honor, set on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.


    Shoved by powerful hands, she fell to her knees before booted feet.

    “Found her in the hold, Cap’n. Thought she was a boy at first, her wearin’ pants and a cap, but she has tits.”

    “I can see that, Jurgens.”

    Arianna followed the shiny boots up to tight-fitting, brown breeches hugging muscular thighs, and slim hips.

  16. Great idea Collette! This is from Playing House, my current WIP.

    In her fantasies Pierce would understand what she meant even if it didn’t come out right. He’d say and do all the right things, be romantic and passionate, and oh so sexy---and wasn't it this kind of thinking that had gotten her into her current situation? She’d lived in her own fantasy world, waiting for Jason to be her hero, and where had that gotten her? It was time start living in the real world.

    1. Hi Tammy! It's wonderful to see you here! Love the snippet too.

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  18. Oh these are AWESOME! Many thanks to you, Collette, and to my buddy MK Compton who sent me here. My lines are from Call of the Wilder (http://tinyurl.com/prh4hnb)

    Randy twisted his fingers through mine. “I think it’s time we make this permanent.”
    Permanent. Oh, God, this was it. The M word. The only word that ever caused me to have
    my mouth washed out with soap in my childhood.

    1. Hi Kris! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  19. Great lines, everyone! Here are a few from WICKED IN HIS ARMS

    "Nefarious? He's your brother and he wants you to come home."

    Dylan downed the remainder of the brandy in one draught. "Returning to a house I haven't set foot in these twenty years and calling it home is too maudlin even for me to consider."

    "Coward." Finally. One word and it provoked more emotion from him than an entire evening of clever banter. Perhaps too much. Eve stepped back as he stalked toward her.

  20. Louisa, I do believe Eve's in a bit of trouble now! Thanks so much for sharing.