Friday, April 11, 2014


Yes, dear readers and fellow authors, it's Friday again, and you know what that means! 
Snippets from all sorts of wonderful romances!! 

The rules are simple: 
  • Five lines of your current work in progress, new release, soon-to-be-released...whatever. (Do keep it as close to five lines as you can.)
  • You're welcome to post buy links too. 
  • PG please. (I don't have a warning on my blog about content, so it has to be appropriate for all viewers. I will delete comments that aren't appropriate or offensive to some audiences. Sorry.)

In this scene from The Earl's Enticement, Adaira, at a whopping five feet tall and barely one hundred pounds, is trying to save Roark's life in a burning carriage house. 

Tears coursed from her eyes. “You great oaf, wake up. Please wake up.” 

The flames streaked across the floor, igniting the spilled oil, before snaking up the wall.

“I’ll not let you die in here, you arrogant, impossible man.” Clenching her teeth and grunting, she managed to roll him onto his back. 

I can't wait to see what you post this week! I've read so many tantalizing bits. Have fun! 


  1. I learned a few things that night. I learned how selfish Shelby Anne was, I got my first bitter taste of jealousy, and I learned that the best way to kiss was with an open mouth and touching tongues.
    I was pretty sure that when I finally met up with Shelby Anne later I was walking at least ten inches above the ground. I had my first ever crush. Given my lack of experience in such matters at the age of fifteen, I was sure I was hopelessly in love.

  2. This is from my latest WIP, a deep-space science fiction romance:

    The photon blast shook Phoebe’s star cruiser violently, throwing her from the pilot’s seat and into the ship’s control panel. The explosion crippled the hyper-drive and took out the starboard retros. She struggled back into her seat and fingered the controls, turning the ship hard to port and banking upward. The ion drive engine complained, reacting sluggishly as her fingers keyed in commands.

    Frack! The damage had to be extensive.

    1. Steve, this is great! Love the tension.

  3. What a tense snippet! Definitely intriguing.
    I joined in today! Yay! I think I'll try to jump in every Friday now.

  4. From Rose of Hope, my new medieval, just released….

    "As for our marriage, that comes the day after the morrow. Aye, William commands the wedding, but methinks you see for yourself Ysane is not averse to our union."
    He looked deep into Ysane's glistening eyes as she nestled against him.
    She laid her head against his shoulder, at peace within the circle of his arms. She turned to Cynric. "'Tis truth, brother. I wish to take my lord D'Auvrecher to husband. He has been good to me, and to our people. I will be content to be his wife."

    1. Mairi, I adore medieval! This sounds right up my alley.

  5. This is from my novella, Back to Bite You, which will be released May 1st. It's a contemporary paranormal -- I hope that's okay.

    Bayou Gavotte was populated with smart-ass guys. They all stopped, they all grinned up at Mirabel, and they all drawled something aggravating.
    *What’s a pretty girl like you doing up on the roof?"
    *Honey, aren’t you scared way up there?"
    *Better hurry, sweetheart! It’s gonna rain.*

    1. Of course, Barbara. I'm dying to know what happens next.

  6. This is from my latest contemporary, Voice of An Angel, which just released today. Perfect timing.

    Reluctantly, he let her go. A blast of cold air hit his body when she removed her hand from his. She bustled around the room, checking monitors, straightening sheets, adding a blanket to his bed. He kept his eyes on her, fighting against sleep. He feared she was an apparition, and if he fell asleep again, when he woke, she'd be gone. Just his luck, to have found his soul mate at last, and not be in any condition to hit on her.

  7. This is from my historical romance, Broken Promise, that is to be released in May.

    "Don't move!" A woman with a sling in her hand stepped from a nearby grove of pine trees. Her command drifted across the distance on a slight breeze.
    He gaped at the statuesque beauty. Where the hell had she come from?

    1. Love when a woman surprises a alpha male!

  8. This is from MOONLIGHT SERENADE, my book that was released about 2 weeks ago.

    The night would have been much more pleasurable had the band simply brawled with a little less dignity and a lot more inherent savagery.
    The DNA was definitely twisting tonight.
    Dakota, the driver on duty, parked the band bus at the far end of the motel parking lot. By day, the yellow stucco structure resembled a basket of crumbling corn muffins. By night, it was just another sleazy, budget sleep spot, one step above a rooms-by-the-hour dive. The band didn’t require ambience.
    Moonlight Serenade,

    1. The imagery in this snippet is magnificent!

  9. I think she should kick him :)

    Mine is from Mistress of Merrivale, my latest release.

    “Did you hear about the murder of our maid? Her body was found in the maze here at Merrivale.” His blond brows rose, his eyes strangely intent. His lazy manner faded as he leaned closer to speak in an undertone. “Then of course, there was my sister’s murder. If I were you, I’d be watching my back.”

    A chill rippled through Jocelyn, stirring the hairs at the back of her neck. “Whatever do you mean?”


  10. This one is from one of my current WIPs. It's another of my Austen-inspired mysteries tentatively entitled "The Prosecution of Mr. Darcy's Cousin."

    As if she recognized how he longed to be a part of their party, Elizabeth’s head turned in his direction. A knowing smile graced her lips. If anyone had told him when he was but five and twenty that a headstrong sprite of a woman would bring him to his knees, Fitzwilliam Darcy would have scoffed in the man’s countenance. Of course, that was before he had journey to Hertfordshire with his friend Bingley. Before Elizabeth Bennet had taken him to task. Before she had enumerated his abundant flaws rather than to be quelled by his wealth and position. “How could I resist?” he murmured.

  11. This one is from the opening dream sequence of my second WIP, a Regency based romance, tentatively entitled "Angel and the Devil Duke."

    “You are pure evil,” she declared as he chased her through the intricate maze.

    Dressed all in black, he seductively stalked her, and Angelica’s body heated from his brief touch. Catching her skirt tail, she skittered away from his slow pursuit. With a nervous giggle, she taunted, “A copper for your thoughts.”

    “I was considering the pure pleasure of having my own personal angel.” His deep resonant voice spoke of desire, but also of contentment.

    “Am I that angel?” she rasped when he caught her wrist and pulled her to him.


  12. Great snippet, Collette!! Here is mine from Desiring Lady Caro!

    Caro bolted up and cried out as Nugent reached her. “There, there, my little lady. It’s not but a bad dream. He can’t hurt you anymore.”

    Her maid cradled Caro and rocked her back and forth, as she’d done all Caro’s life. Sobs mingled with mewing sounds. “Nugent, when will it stop?”

  13. YOU BROUGHT ME DAISIES, from a collections of my poems, entitled "When Lovers Cried and Poets Dreamed" Kimberly Westrope

    They brought me carnations of pink and white, hoping to win themselves a bit of delight.
    They brought me roses of the loveliest red, thinking this might be the way to get into my head
    They hadn't any clue I would have let them stay for a single wildflower plucked along the way.
    So they brought me bouquets in every shade and hue,
    But you, you brought me daisies because you knew.

  14. From my first novel, Brother's Keeper"

    "Is that the way you want it?" he asked softly.
    Though every part of her screamed "No!” what came out was a barely audible "Yes."
    Matt took a step closer to her and was so close she could feel his breath, a whisper upon her hair, as he reached out to touch her arm. His fingers barely brushed her skin as he let his hand fall back to his side with a defeated, "Okay." He paused for just a moment more before climbing into his truck and driving away.